The ins and outs of assessment essay

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The ins and outs of assessment essay

Learn how to provide strategies, not solutions, when students ask for help. You notice a student stumbling through a problem or concept and your first impulse is to "rescue" him. But "we also rescue kids because it's the most expedient way to move on to the next kid. Especially when several students are asking for help.

But research points to a few key moves that can turn help seeking from a perceived deficit into a valuable learning strategy. A Social Minefield Help seeking is "inherently academic and social," says Sarah Kiefer, a University of South Florida professor who studies help-seeking behaviors.

Many students worry that asking for help will "put their academic and social competence on the line.

Kiefer's research shows that adolescents are less likely to engage in adaptive help seeking—asking for just enough information or clues to solve a problem—"with the motive that they want to learn.

Students' "social goals" can influence their help-seeking habits. In a study published in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Kiefer found that 6th graders who strive for popularity or dominance having control over their peers are more likely to engage in expedient than adaptive help seeking.

The ins and outs of assessment essay

At the elementary level, kids are more inclined to value responsibility, hard work, and intelligence. But those qualities are downplayed in middle school. Suddenly, "putting forth effort is a really vulnerable thing. Students in classrooms that work toward a growth mindset are less concerned about their ability, especially relative to their peers, notes Karabenick.

It's about me and how I can get better. Teachers should recognize their own patterns, too, notes Karabenick. One study of college students found that when teachers gave short answers to complex questions, students were less likely to ask for help over time.

That's what [students] pay attention to. They "talk explicitly about the need to ask for help and then model that in a low-stakes environment," says Jeff Heyck-Williams, director of curriculum and instruction. All students, from grades preK—8, learn what it means to "be kind, be specific, [and] be helpful.

They also send the message that "the intellectual lift is on them. No matter how many times he tried, he arrived at a different answer than his peers. To keep him persisting, Heyck-Williams asked a few questions to determine how he got his answer, then followed up with, "Why did you multiply by 12?

In a destructive struggle, students should ask for help. But in a productive struggle, they should try to "get unstuck on their own. These could be a process students memorize for working through a problem, an online discussion group where they can post questions to peers, or just showing students how to use resources ahead of time p.

Student Assessment Essays

These strategies could also be specific to an assignment or unit. If students are stuck on an essay prompt that asks them to do a rhetorical analysis, they could write one paragraph that examines "ethos," one that examines "logos," and one that examines "pathos. Having an arsenal of strategies to lean on, and knowing when to use them, "overcomes a lot of help seeking that's really just, 'I'm struggling and I'm uncomfortable.

But if you reframe that request as, "I'm using these options and they're not working," or "I'm using an option but I need help in how I use the option," then students will see it differently. As a classroom teacher, Jackson lessened the stigma with "non-examples," a concept based on the Frayer Model a graphic organizer for building vocabulary.

Instead, "there are examples of the right answer and non-examples of the right answer. The kids were thinking and struggling, and we were modeling how to work our way out of mistakes.

Or they shared, "I have a non-example but I'm having a hard time changing it to an example. Students are able to say, "I'm struggling productively and I could use your assistance. Or students can ask a question anonymously with tech tools or write down a question as their exit ticket and place it in a box in the classroom.

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The ins and outs of assessment essay
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