Persuasive essay swimming

In addition, for every one death, four children receive emergency department care for submersion injuries. Children aged one to four are at most risk for drowning in a swimming pool while older children and teenagers are at most risk for drowning in a natural water setting. These facts from the American Medical Association alone offer great reasons to teach our children both water safety skills and swimming techniques before they enter kindergarten.

Persuasive essay swimming

This is what is called an extended metaphor. Welcome and Have a Great Semester! Here is a sample of a first or introductory paragraph of a strawman persuasive essay on the topic of swimming. This background information will often be the main reasons Persuasive essay swimming that thesis.

In swimming, there are various strokes and kicks that, when done efficiently, target and tone all muscle groups in the upper and lower body. In my own case, years of swimming have given me relatively strong upper body.

People often ask me if I lift weights. In truth, I do lift moderate weights, but I attribute my relatively good physical condition at least as much to swimming as to weight-lifting. As fitness research has proved, lap swimming is great aerobic exercise for the heart and lungs, and even has been shown to stimulate the immune system.

The third paragraph is where you state a second reason for your opinion and then proceed to support it with details, data, statistics, or an anecdote.

While you are swimming, the rhythmic motions are relaxing and calming.

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After swimming, your body actually feels warmer when you go out into the cold air, provided you do not go out with wet hair. Swimming actually improves your circulation, giving you an overall feeling of health and energy. A good swim, however, can really help you sleep well at night.

Your 4th paragraph is the "strawman paragraph.

Here is a sample of a first or introductory paragraph of a strawman persuasive essay on the topic of swimming. You'll notice it includes: a) a hook: an attention grabbing provocative statement and/or a rhetorical question. Persuasive Essay; Autobiographical Essay; Informative Essay; Persuasive Essay Swimming is sometimes referred to as the perfect exercise regime because it is a total body workout, without the drawbacks associated with repetitive or injury prone movements . If you’re looking for the best persuasive essay topics about swimming, you’ve come to the right place. Just check them below: Swimming and Water Safety. The influence of flexibility on swimming. 12 Benefits of Swimming: Weight Loss, Health, and More.

They feel that students can get enough healthy exercise in the school gym by doing other healthy activities. These schools claim that it is too much trouble to find the space, and too costly to build and maintain them.

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They also feel that it would be costly to ensure the safety of student swimmers and to provide good swimming lessons. While these are important considerations, the benefits and advantages of having a swimming pool in a school far outweigh the disadvantages.

In the long run, a school with a pool can develop a competitive team and host competitions. Think of the good sportsmanship that could be developed, as well as the revenues that could come in from ticket sales to the events.

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Your 5th paragraph is your conclusion. This is where you offer your thesis once again, strongly and articulately and re-iterate the main points previously made: The benefits of swimming from fitness, to health, to good sportsmanship, and ultimately to a sense of calm and well-being cannot be denied.

B an excellent rubric that will enable you to self-assess your progress as you draft and revise your essay.

Persuasive essay swimming

Keep in mind that I am only asking you to supply two arguments instead of three, so everyone will start with a gift of 10 points!View Essay - A Persuasive Essay on Swimming from COM at INTI International College Subang. A Persuasive Essay on Swimming Everyone should learn how to swim.

Swimming gives a wide range of. Swimming is viewed as a sport or as recreation. Storks and techniques must be learned by humans, as it does not come instinctively.

Different strokes and body positions have been developed to enable swimming. More in-depth strokes and movements have evolved for competitive swimming. Essays Related to Swimming. /5(4). Short Essay on Swimming. Article shared by. My favourite sport unquestionably is swimming. I learned swimming when I was six years old and my parents tell me that I took to swimming like a fish takes to water.

There are several reasons why I prefer swimming over all other sports. However the topmost remains, my love of water. Persuasive Essay Swimming is a fun and beneficial exercise. First of all you won’t even know you are exercising because you will be having so much fun.

Swimming is a very safe sport because it places no stress on your joints and bones, and that it has incredibly low levels of impact. Many athletes who train for other sports swim just because they can work full out and have a very low chance of injuring themselves. Our depot contains over 15, free college essays.

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