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Some of the main electrolytes in our bodies, besides potassium, are sodium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium. Your kidneys help regulate the amount of electrolytes in the body.

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If we are going to get nostalgic, we ought to at least get nostalgic about a motor that was at least an above-average motor for its time. No point in getting nostalgic for a motor that was very marginal when it was new, and hopelessly out of date now.

Truth is, people often get more nostalgic about things that have had terrible track records as engineering My rountine. Perfect example would be an Edsel. One of my favorite cars is the original VW bug. I have owned numerous examples yet it is at its base a slow, unsafe car with marginal brakes prone to rust and not all that efficient by today's standards.

Yet even after driving and owning some much better engineered cars I always come back to giving the lowly bug a spot in my garage. I grew up with the bug and get a bit nostalgic every time I see one.

The memories of freezing New York Winters in a car with lackluster heat, hard to start and windows that would not defrost have faded to fond memories of the wonderful woolen smell of the backseat. And at five or six years old sitting with my sister on the roof top of our family's 65 with out legs hanging in the sunroof watching July fireworks.

The best old outboard is the one that consistently brings you back to the dock. Easy to get a warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling for one that has done that several hundred or thousand of times no matter what brand is emblazoned on the cowl.

Brian posted Spruce Creek Navy jimh posted That would be a strong endorsement of the engine as a very reliable engine with the sort of excellent control over engine speed and power needed in a commercial towing operation. Most of the applications of this engine I have seen were on boats which when new were sold at a low price point as a starter-boat or low-end boat deal.

Many owners of the Mercury three-cylinder HP engine sing their praise. The reason for the Edsel's failure was the poor quality of manufacturing it. The Edsel was not built on its own assembly line. It was built on a shared assembly line. About percent of the cars on the line were another model.

The legend goes that the manufacturing facility did not want to reduce their production rate of the other brand, so they increased the speed of the assembly line by a few percent to compensate for the extra output of the Edsel cars. There was nothing particularly flawed about the design.

The limited number of cars produced has resulted in a very limited number of Edsel cars surviving. This scarcity accounts for the higher price of them as collectable cars.

Of all the comments offered in this discussion, I give the greatest weight to those from sosmerc, who is in the business of repairing and servicing Mercury engines. Most will agree it was the wrong car at the wrong time and way overpriced. Undeniable though the name Edsel did become synonymous with failure.

The market evaporated, most got crushed and Ford lost millions. But people will get nostalgic about the darndest things. When the new technology begins to wear out and fail I can see many getting nostalgic for any healthy example remaining of the simple, rough running, smoke belching, high emission, nasty two stroke motors from a bygone era.

I had one on a 17 Dauntless we had, had a lot of problems, powerpack faillure, stator pack problem, head gasket leaking.

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Overall, these are not the best Mercury made. L H G posted Many participants here own Post Classic Boston Whalers which came with these engines. Where is the pleasure and value of trashing this American made product for the second time around first in and now in ?i am a diabetic whom works outside.

the heat gets to me. i sweat a lot. i cramp every day as long as the temp is over 60 degrees. i have spoke to my doctor and he can give me something but doesnt really want to go there because my kidneys have no problem.

my wife bought me potassium pills to take 1 a day. but i am wondering how much . This FAQ complements Sun's official Java Web Start FAQ page and aims to provide you with information that is not included on the official page for whatever reason.

My go to cleanser all these years has been the Ayur Deep Pore Cleansing Milk, and I can vouch for this. Another decent pick is the Lakmé Deep Pore Cleanser, which I have reviewed on MABH. Nov 16,  · The Boating Forum - Suzuki Outboard - I just posted a request for information on the Triumph boat with a Mercury.

The Suzuki is also offered for.

The Power of Potassium - Diabetes Self-Management

Rumors, Conspiracy Theories, and Truth - A rumor is a subject of propaganda whose veracity is not hurriedly or ever confirmed.

It is an account of events that are of public concern and circulate from one person to another. The Boating Forum - Suzuki Outboard - I just posted a request for information on the Triumph boat with a Mercury.

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The Suzuki is also offered for.

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