My beloved cat

Shortcuts on current page: One completely black, and one completely white. The black one Zorro died under mysterious circumstances likely involving humans, and I mourned for a long time. I then knew that when the other cat, my big white Norwegian forest cat, Simon, died, it was going to be very tough for me.

My beloved cat

How much can you mourn a pet? Many prefer to call pets companion animals By Finlo Rohrer BBC News Magazine Some might think true grief is reserved My beloved cat our fellow homo sapiens, but as a moving tribute from one British politician shows, the loss of a pet prompts real mourning.

Even in the UK, which has what is seen by many non-Britons as a slightly repressed attitude towards death, prolonged mourning and visible grief is considered normal for the death of a family member or a close friend.

There are famous man-animal partnerships from history But in a nation of animal lovers there are many who feel almost the same way about the loss of a pet, but whose emotions occasionally provoke raised eyebrows. The writer, broadcaster and former Labour deputy leader Lord Hattersley wrote this week in a newspaper about his grief for Buster his canine companion of 15 years, who died in October.

Read any history of Alexander and Bucephalus, his horse and constant companion, looms large. Much missed after his death at the Battle of the Hydaspes, a new city in what is now Pakistan was named after him.

My beloved cat

And what greater symbol of animal constancy can there be than Greyfriars Bobby, a terrier who supposedly spent 14 years faithfully attending his master's grave in Edinburgh. Our animal companions provoke strong feelings. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together' "For anybody who has had a pet in their life they form a unique and very special member of the family, and remain so," says Margot Clarke, manager of the Pet Bereavement Support Service.

That is expressed as grief. But the time has to be right. Link to others "A lot of our callers say to us 'Gosh I didn't feel this bad when I lost my father or mother or sister'," says Ms Clarke. It's a state of mind that Bob Nicholson can understand, having lost his dog Ivo, a Collie cross, after and-a-half years.

Mr Nicholson, of Fife, had raised Ivo from from a puppy to his death in September. I do not pretend that my grief was unique - I merely state, as a matter of fact, that nothing has ever caused me as much pain as Buster's death Roy Hattersley Roy Hattersley's piece in the Daily Mail When Mr Nicholson, of Fife, had lost his father, the dog was there to help.

When Ivo died, no-one was there. The dog had been a link to a father and a brother who had gone. Now that link was gone.

TOP WEEKLY NOVEL But I just wanted to let you know that one of my cats, 5-year-old grey tabby Okki, suddenly died on April
Why does the loss of a pet hurt so much? And God asked the feline spirit Are you ready to come home? Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul And, as a cat, you know I am most able To decide anything for myself.
Why Did My Dog Kill My Cat? | PetHelpful Noticing that fact, made my heart throb for some reason. Seeing her round, wet eyes so closely, it made me thinkit sure is pretty.

I lost my father two years ago. When my dad died the dog was there. I felt a bit ashamed - losing my dog actually affected me more than when I lost my father. She organises cremations, removing the bodies from the owner's homes or vets' practices in a special animal hearse, taking them to dedicated pet crematoria and then returning the ashes to the owners.

About owners a year book cremations and there is the occasional burial as well. Range of animals "The dog or the cat isn't just part of the family it is their family. It may be they want their pet treated with the same dignity accorded to any member of the family.

If granny died in hospital you wouldn't leave the doctor to make the funeral arrangements. She has dealt with everything from newts and lizards to degus, chinchilla-like rodents.

Many pets are regarded like family members People also call her for reassurance and practical advice. Two issues loom large over pet bereavement - people not being taken seriously, and the need to take time out to mourn. When humans die, many religious relatives have the consolation of their belief in an afterlife.

In the world of pet bereavement, this is often referred to as "Rainbow Bridge", based on a prose poem written by an anonymous author in the s. There are countless references to it on message boards and tribute sites. Cremations and even burials are wanted by some owners It may be argued that it fills a gap left by the treatment of animals in some mainstream religions.There is a special place where many beloved cats are waiting for is the best place to assuage your grief and also save a beloved cat’s called the pet adoption centre or SPCA, if you prefer.

Weep Not for Me, In Memory of a Beloved Cat: Weep not for me though I am gone into that gentle night. Grieve if you will, but not for long upon my soul's sweet flight. About This Garden [edit name My Beloved Cat - Meg xx Im memorium of my beautiful torti cat, 30 minute alerts [info] Garden News.

Hebe watered the Bellis Lycaena (1 hour, 43 minutes ago) Fera watered the Aureus Primus (1 hour, 50 minutes ago) 's Fairy spotted a White Mouse here, earning 1 Diamond! Chapter 8. Me and My Cat (Girlfriend) My Burning Body. Day 3 Part 1. I woke up from the alarm sound. Opening my heavy eyelids, I saw Mina’s face near mine.

Why Did My Dog Kill My Cat or My Neighbor's Cat? A dog killing a beloved cat is a cat owner's worse nightmare come true. As much as one was attached to the cat, blaming a dog for acting out of instinct is not helpful. Instinct is hardwired behavior that can be managed and some times, changed but never totally removed.

My beloved cat Potter disappeared last summer, we don't know if she has found a new home somewhere else, or died in the woods surrounding our house. How does one deal with this sort of open ended bereavement?

Comforting Prayers for the Loss of a Beloved Dog or Cat