John preston equilibrium

Since China is of some interest to the US these days, I thought a description of sorts, actually more in the nature of a disordered travelogue, might be of interest.

John preston equilibrium

John preston equilibrium

This film has a character sheet. Equilibrium serves as both Trope Maker and Trope Namer for the following trope: Equilibrium contains examples of the following tropes: The katana used in the final confrontation. John Preston is considered this amongst clerics. The drug Prozium subdues emotions to prevent such things as violence and war.

This is helped along by the banning of anything with an Emotional Content rating of ten, which can include anything even remotely artistic, and anyone caught with such contraband is John preston equilibrium alive or shot repeatedly if they try to make things difficult.

Naturally, there's an underground resistance that the main character eventually champions after he stops taking his meds.

One of the surviving states is Libria, ruled by the Tetragammaton Council that blames the freedom of human emotion as the cause of this war. Alone in a Crowd: John Preston after he goes off his emotion-supressing meds.

Probably many of the sense offenders as well, but the movie doesn't focus on them.


Equilibrium is very shiny, futuristic and borrows heavily from Asian themes such as martial arts, dystopian settings and the Confucian anti-emotion culture common in traditional Asiatic societies.

Librian Clerics even make use of Katanas. After depending entirely on his bodyguards previously, DuPont demonstrates in his fight scene with Preston that he's an extremely proficient Gun Kata fighter. This is foreshadowed by DuPont delivering the exposition about Gun Kata in the first third of the film, and later by DuPont talking about the rumour that "one of us, the Cleric" had turned.

Gun Kata 's shtick is that those trained in it can switch targets as fast as possible while avoiding the opponent's shots. Preston himself, and the Clerics in general. The Sweepers themselves are somewhat-less-badass longcoats.

Although one of them does motorbike through a Resistance stronghold while firing an MP5K one-handed. Preston stops taking Prozium and infiltrates the resistance.

Just as DuPont planned. In the climax, John Preston walks into a small circular room with numerous pillars.


After a brief conversation with the bad guy on the opposite side of the room, they cut to a shot standing in front of the door, while bad guys step out from behind the pillars. The problem, is that they were on the same side of the pillars as Preston.

Some even walk all the way around the pillar just to make for a better reveal, rather than just moving straight for their target. Of course, it's possible he actually saw them, he just didn't care. Big Brother is Employing You: John Preston is the top Grammaton Cleric, responsible for tracking down and bringing to justice "sense offenders," the opponents of the Tetragrammaton Council, the government of Libria.

Much like Ultraviolet after it.Preston is a place name, surname and given name that may refer to. Body count chart of the top kills by a character in a single film. Listed are films that have been competed for the site. More to be added soon. Equilibrium is a film about a futuristic world where emotions are suppressed and one of their elite learns to feel.

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Directed and written by Kurt Wimmer. John Preston: What's the point of your existence? Mary: To feel. 'Cause you've never done it, you can never know it. But it's as vital as breath. Find industry contacts & talent representation.

Manage your photos, credits, & more. Showcase yourself on IMDb & Amazon. Go to IMDbPro |. John Preston, a fictional character in the feature film Equilibrium John James Preston, a fictional character in the American TV series Sex and the City Alias John Preston, a British horror film.

John Preston is the main protagonist of the film was played by Christian Bale. Though initially a dedicated member of the brutal totalitarian society Libria.

After missing one of his Prozium doses he begins experiencing emotions again.

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