Inside the mind of a dictator

Bashar al-Assad vows 'iron fist' against 'terrorists' 10 Jan Thus Colonel Gaddafi watched as hundreds of thousands of Libyans wrested entire cities from his control, while spraying choice obscenities over every available picture of his face, before declaring on television: Adding a personal touch, he chose to pin the culpability on Tony Blair. In a remote corner of the Zimbabwean bush, where an ally had won an obscure by-election, Mr Mugabe duly declared: If outsiders are the cause of all the trouble, it must follow that their aims go wider than the downfall of a particular leader.

Inside the mind of a dictator

Human and fallen consciousness - Understanding fallen beings - The illusion of perfection - Being focused on yourself - Seeking to prove God wrong - Dictators have little personal power - The fear of being proven wrong - A dictator must have someone to blame - Could a dictator change?

We will begin without focusing on any particular dictator because I do not want you to think that this only applies to one person. When you look at the long history of this planet, even as it is known in the history books, you can see that there has been a great number of leaders who have set themselves up to be in a position where nobody could object to their decisions.

They had absolute power. If they said that things were going to be such and such, then things would become such and such and anyone who objected would simply be killed or removed. Human and fallen consciousness You may think that this is a phenomenon that is inevitable.

You may think it is a product of the human consciousness. We have taught you about the ego that is part of the human consciousness and you may think that a Inside the mind of a dictator who sets himself up in this position of absolute power has simply taken the human consciousness and the ego to its ultimate extreme.

Actually, instead of human consciousness it is human unconsciousness or lack of awareness.

Going into the mind of a dictator

It is simply that you have certain lifestreams who are not particularly evil and have no evil intentions, but they are acting based on their state of consciousness and they have only grown to a certain level.

This can be because they have not been in embodiment for so long, it may be because they have been deceived into staying at a certain level or because they have not been willing to make decisions that brought them up higher.

It is a lack of development, a lack of awareness. A fallen being does not have a lack of awareness in the sense that it has not had much experience. It has had lots of experience, and that is why it has learned to manipulate others and to bend them with its will.

Beings who have the fallen consciousness have learned how to take advantage of the human consciousness. They can cause those in the human consciousness to follow them blindly because they are either deceived into believing that the fallen leaders are benevolent or they are afraid of protesting in any way.

I want you to realize that the fallen consciousness, the consciousness of a dictator, is not simply taking the human propensity for selfishness and bringing it to some extreme.

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It is an entirely different level of consciousness. It is not a lack of development, it is a development that has deliberately been turned into a negative. The being is seeking to establish itself as a god on earth because it has refused to transcend itself and therefore become a god in the spiritual realm.

This refusal to transcend itself did not happen here on earth, it happened for most fallen beings in a previous sphere and that is why the fallen beings feel no kinship with human beings who are evolving on earth.

They see them only as tools and they have no compassion, no sense of connection with human beings. Understanding fallen beings Let us now journey into the mind of such a dictator. I can assure you that there have been many more of such dictators than what you have seen in known history.

In past ages there have been some who have gone even further into extremes than what you see or have seen in recent history. I, of course, have spent quite a long time studying this phenomenon as have other ascended masters.

We have often, while we were in embodiment, chosen to be in embodiment where we were in close relation with fallen beings because we wanted to study them up close in order to understand the mindset of a fallen being.

Now my beloved, placing yourself in close proximity to a fallen being is not a method of education that I recommend. There was the belief that it was possible to understand a fallen being and there was the belief that I was capable of understanding a fallen being.

These are dangerous beliefs to entertain, and I tell you this because what I will give you in this discourse is a certain aspect of how the fallen consciousness works. I do not want you to develop the attitude that based on what I tell you and what other masters have told you in other books and dictations, you fully understand the fallen mindset.

You must understand that the fallen mindset has a clear element of the irrational, and therefore it cannot be reduced to something that follows rational, logical, linear laws and patterns.

In other words, you should not come to a point where you think that you can look at a particular dictator look at his attitude and his past actions and use that to predict what he will do next.

Inside the mind of a dictator

It can be very difficult to predict what such a being will do. There are certain times where it is very predictable because the being will continue the patterns it has demonstrated so many times.

But there will be certain times where a dictator will do something unexpected, and it can be for the better or it can be for the worse. I say this because I am not giving you this discourse in order to have you take it and apply it to a certain individual and then think that this individual will always behave a certain way and could not change in a positive direction.

The illusion of perfection The pattern you see in so many civilizations is that you have a king, an emperor or another ruler who has set himself up in this position of having absolute power because the person is believed by his underlings, his followers, to have absolute authority.

You therefore see many who have set themselves up in such a way that they have been worshipped by the people for whom they were leaders. You will know that in recent decades there has been a concept that has been broadcast in the world of leadership and leadership training, and it is the concept of "servant leadership".

Inside the mind of a dictator

What you see in many of these dictators is, of course, not servant leadership, and that is one measure you can use to recognize those who are in the fallen consciousness.As the crisis in Nicaragua escalates, the death toll mounts and the world looks away, Daniel Ortega conforms to the archetypical dictator stereotype of denial, .

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unless he comes under military attack. Inside The Mind Of A Dictator Media Source The following infamous strongmen might have all come from different corners of the world, but they all displayed several of the same psychopathic characteristics, including charisma, narcissism, lack of compassion, and even sadism.

As the crisis in Nicaragua escalates, the death toll mounts and the world looks away, Daniel Ortega conforms to the archetypical dictator stereotype of denial, .

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