Impact of increased business and culture

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Impact of increased business and culture

What is your opinion? There is a disagreement on the impact of increased business and culture contact between countries on a country's identity. There is a widespread worry that this will lead to the gradual demise of countries identities.

This issue should be viewed and analysed from multiple perspectives. – Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture and the Arts

When a country tends to develop a closer relationship with the rest of the world, it does not necessarily give up its culture. Culture is not a disgrace to but an asset of a country. An indigenous culture can distinguish one country from others, attracting foreign visitors and yielding high income.

Impact of increased business and culture

As most tourists travel abroad for learning different cultures and sampling different ways of life, such as Beijing opera in China, Japanese tea culture and Thai temples, many countries have responded with protecting and preserving their cultural identities, in an effort to keep themselves in the list of the most popular destinations.

Increased tourism instills fresh life forces into these countries, aiding the conservation of their features. While tourism provides a driving force for cultural conversation, some components of a culture such as traditions, customs or taboos might die out over time.

It seems that in some countries, the locals have become more accustomed to exotic cultures. It reflects the combined effects of the invasion of foreign cultures, either through media or through direct business interaction. For instance, two decades ago, sex was a taboo subject n China and most Chinese people felt embarrassed to talk openly about it.

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Dyer time the western culture has permeated into the Chinese lifestyle, and the Chinese people have broken many of their time-honoured traditions. It occurs in the rest of the world as well. As outlined above, increased interaction between countries in the domains of business and culture can either strengthen or undermine the identities of countries involved.

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Impact of increased business and culture

There is a disagreement on the impact of increased business and culture contact between countries on a country's identity.

What is your opinion? One of the most conspicuous trends in the 21st century is a closer connection between countries, in both economic and cultural aspects. Arts and culture are integral drivers of our local economy.

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