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Original version of ARMA updated to version 1. This installer will overwrite previously released BI Editing Tools for Arma I user made data are intact and it can not be possible to pack and finalize content for Arma I using the newer tools.

Ftp downloads bistudio tools editing services

What the industry is currently seeking are new methods for controlling the works created with these tools. This need for more effective ways to control mod makers has been expressed frequently after the Hot Coffee incident in the summer of [ 3 ]. Since both the Hot Coffee and Oblivion Topless mods basically unlock content already on the game disc, some of these concerns seem quite hypocritical.

In any case, what these affairs have shown is that although modders can be highly beneficial to the success of games, game developers find it increasingly crucial to create ways to monitor, regulate and manipulate the workings of game enthusiasts.

The objective of this article is to take a critical look at the conditions where avid players produce content that is increasingly vital to computer game developers. Further, the article examines the strategies that the game industry uses to motivate and persuade hobbyists to produce free content that most effectively benefits the industry.

Since the boundaries between play and work are becoming increasingly blurred among digital games different forms of labour are contemplated and the conditions where modder labour is commodified as an inseparable part of game development are investigated. Further, I attempt to outline some concrete game industry strategies that have a direct influence on the current status of the mod phenomenon.

To illustrate my points I draw examples from mod contests organized by the industry. I suggest these contests are an important testing ground and area of experimentation where the game industry puts the potentials of free modder labour to test.

The paper also discusses the larger changes that mod competitions reveal of strategies of digital game industry. A short glance to the history of FPS games can be used to highlight the importance of modding as a source of innovation in the game industry.

Afterwards, no developer has been able to replicate the success story on the same scale. Elsewhere I have argued that player innovation resulting in reworkings and modifications of existing games has been central to game cultures since the first computer games Sotamaa, This article goes further in suggesting that this player labour is a crucial source of inspiration and innovation for the whole computer game industry.

Since modding is obviously no more about occasional hobbyist programmers messing around with the game code, it is important to pay attention to the ways in which game industry interests support, regulate, and direct modder activities.

Based on interviews conducted with modders I have earlier argued that modders themselves are far from a homogeneous group. In the case of a single computer game, mod maker identities construct a wide spectrum based on differences in such factors as motivation, experience, skills, and social organization.

Theories of fandom and grouping of motivational factors clearly help to clarify the diversity of modder practices. However the results of my earlier study also indicate that in order to fully understand the framework of modders, it is important to identify the context of the game industry.

Thus, the interviews conducted with modders have been a great source of inspiration also for this article [ 5 ].

Various other sources are examined as well. Contemporary digital games form a field where the realms of business and culture are converging in novel ways. This kind of fusion also sets particular requirements for research. A thorough study should take in account the multiple aspects of games as produced, marketed and consumed artefacts.

Therefore this article is informed both by the critical political economy of media and cultural studies approaches more sensitive to the pleasures of players. As a consequence the focus of cultural research has often been turned away from the specific properties culture acquires as a commodity [ 6 ].

ftp downloads bistudio tools editing services

Thus, while political economy approaches have often been considered incompatible with cultural studies perspectives there are scholars who suggest that these traditions may have significant contributions to offer to each other.

Bringing these perspectives together can serve to balance optimism and pessimism in relation to our understanding of the agency of modders. However, in order to avoid a problematic bipolarity between these approaches I will further introduce the issue of labour that has so far been marginalized among game studies.

It is exactly the commodity form that now exercises a profound influence over the forms of playing: As culture is commodified into game titles, it encounters a world where corporations strictly control its flows [ 9 ].

Following Marx we can say that in industrial capitalism labourers do not only create for immediate use but can also sell their capacity to work as a commodity.

Horkheimer and Adorno further argued that the systematic application of the principles and values of industrial capitalism to the creation of mass culture has lead to a situation where also modern culture industry follows Fordist assembly line logic.

While the cultural industry thesis may generally lack current favour a few continuities can be tracked once the game industry, where the objects and interactions linked with playing and games are effectively commoditized into saleable goods and services, is investigated.


First of all, within the highly developed cultural industry the creation of a product is divided into its constituent parts [ 10 ].

In connection to digital games we can see that today such core components as game engines can be individually perfected and repeatedly cycled through the marketplace. Standardization is visible also in relation to the labour issue since various game industry assignments include a lot of routine and monotonous tasks.

Although many of the arguments of the cultural industry thesis still hold true the strategies visible in the mutually beneficial relationships between the game industry and modders move beyond those outlined by Horkheimer and Adorno.

Therefore we have to widen our perspective. In relation to work leisure time has strong, positive connotations: Fordist industrialists recognized the need to recover from work and attacked this inefficiency by granting leisure time.

However, leisure time is not necessarily insulated from capitalism since simultaneously the recovery time is transformed into consumption time. The alliance of work and leisure becomes completed at the moment the commodified products of workers labour are sold back to themselves [ 13 ].Description: This package will install complete editing tool suite for Bohemia Interactive's game engine used in ARMA 2 (please visit tranceformingnlp.com for more information).

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On modder labour, commodification of play, and mod competitions As the boundaries between play and work are becoming increasingly blurred among digital games, avid player labour is increasingly harnessed as a source of revenue.

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