Essay on potholes in mumbai

Petition seeks directions to MMRCL against cutting trees in Aarey Colony The Maharashtra government told the Bombay High Court on Thursday that one of the primary reasons for traffic congestion in the city was bad and pothole-ridden roads.

Essay on potholes in mumbai

CW explores solutions to this never-ending menace. Whats more, this year the city has called for an allocation of Rs 28 crore. This number, though huge, has not yet surpassed the record of 38, potholes. That said, addressing the problem of potholes on Indian roads seems to be a never-ending saga, owing to which increasing traffic snarls along with road accidents continue to be an integral part of metro cities.

So, where does the problem lie?

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However, the situation has certainly improved as compared to last year with new technologies being implemented by city corporations. In Mumbai, cold mix pot hole repair technology, supplied by companies including Wonder Patch, Hindustan Colas Ltd and Shaunak Infrastructure, is used to repair potholes.

However, Delhi majorly uses hot mix technology - Infrared hot mix recycling - whereas cold mix technology is used when in need of a quick fix. But, there are complaints regarding patchwork; potholes is a result of an Essay on potholes in mumbai patchwork.

In conclusion These techniques seem to have been tried and tested with solutions to potholes, with selected ones under sampling. Lack of technology or lack of will-power, what seems to keep the Government from providing good road infrastructure, still remains a question?

The machine utilises Pneumatic Compressor system for its working. Launched in Decemberthe machine costs Rs 10 lakh. Charge aggregate in the respective bins.

Essay on potholes in mumbai

Fill up the emulsion and water tanks. Clean the pothole of all loose materials and dust using a jet of air. Before placing mix, apply tack coat of bitumen emulsion using spraying pipe.

Select the mix recipe through a control panel. Post mixing, discharge the mixture using discharge button. Fill the pothole manually and compact it using plate vibrator.

Rs 5, for filling up potholes 30 cm dia and 6 cm depth. Potholes are shaped square and tack coat 0. The pothole is then filled with the Roadbond material up to a level slightly higher than the adjoining road surface.

Sand dust or rock dust is sprayed and it is compacted with a hand hammer or roller. Open to traffic in 30 minutes. Rs 6 per kg; Cold mix: Rs per kg 1 sq m of pothole requires approximately kg of cold mix, which costs Rs 1, Whereas the same amount of hot mix will cost Rs per sq m.

However, the later is not a preferred choice during monsoons. It is a bituminous solution, which is mixed on-site with the aggregate. Loose materials are cleaned from the pothole. The bituminous tiki ezrepair solution is primed. The aggregate is added and another layer of bituminous tiki ezrepair solution is sprayed.

The road is compacted with a roller. About Rs per kg. Of this, only 5 per cent of the solution is used in kg of aggregate. One year Inputs by Hardik Shah, Director, Tikitar Industries Pvt Ltd Ready in 3 minutes This chemical does not allow water to decompose the bitumen, further preventing potholes to reoccur.

The pothole is cleaned using wire brush and shaped into a rectangle. Coat it by catiolic emulsion, which is pre-added with wonder binder to enhance the property. Pour Wonder Patch in the pothole up to 1 inch above the road surface level. Compress it using vibratory roller.

Pour the catiolic emulsion again on the boundary of the pothole and spray stone dust on it.In order to register protest against the bad condition of roads, filled with potholes, Congress party in Thane has organised an essay and poetry writing competition on the subject of potholes.

The pothole-tracking system of contrasts, ,, is the basic amenities of india. Mainly winter months of the. Road congestion has given rise of india by investors looking for both infrastructure development and in the occurrences like a crucible of m. Pothole and Roads Essay; Pothole and Roads Essay.

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Essay on potholes in mumbai

Ever took a drive around Fayetteville? Avoiding pothole is a challenge these days. Driving down 71st and School these days is a nightmare.

Fayetteville community members will be those in the end to put out the money for these potholes because they do damage. This monsoon, be prepared to be troubled by potholes again.

The FIRs against contractors and third-party auditors in the road scam by the BMC, has scared contractors for potholes repairs away.

Mar 13,  · UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI INSTITUTE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION tranceformingnlp.comr Dayal Sharma Bhavan, Vidyanagari,Santacruz(E),Mumbai – CENTRES OF PERSONAL CONTACT PROGRAMME LECTURES The Institute organises Personal Contact Programme lecture in Mumbai for the benefit of students, in the evening from Potholes, bad roads main cause of traffic jams: Govt tells Bombay HC Few of the suggestions to ease the traffic congestion include steps such as repairing bad roads, particularly the stretches around major or busy traffic islands in the city, constructing foot over-bridges, and regulating unauthorised parking.

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