Determinants of crude birth rate in

Introduction Communicable diseases Communicable diseases are diseases that are as a result of the causative organism spreading from one person to another or from animals to people. They are among the major causes of illnesses in Kenya and the entire Africa. These diseases affect people of all ages but more so children due to their exposure to environmental conditions that support the spread.

Determinants of crude birth rate in

Menstrual cycle A woman's menstrual cycle begins, as it has been arbitrarily assigned, with menses.

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Next is the follicular phase where estrogen levels build as an ovum matures due to the follicular stimulating hormone, or FSH within the ovary.

When estrogen levels peak, it spurs a surge of luteinizing hormone LH which finishes the ovum and enables it to break through the ovary wall. During the luteal phase, which follows ovulation LH and FSH cause the post-ovulation ovary to develop into the corpus luteum which produces progesterone.

The production of progesterone inhibits the LH and FSH hormones which in a cycle without pregnancy causes the corpus luteum to atrophy, and menses to begin the cycle again.

Peak fertility occurs during just a few days of the cycle: Sperm survive inside the uterus between 48 and 72 hours on average, with the maximum being hours 5 days. These periods and intervals are important factors for couples using the rhythm method of contraception.

Female infertility The average age of menarche in the United States is about This is considered the end of the fertile phase of a woman's life.

Determinants of crude birth rate in

The following effects of age and female fertility have been found in women trying to get pregnant, without using fertility drugs or in vitro fertilization: Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, US, say that if eggs are newly created each month in humans as well, all current theories about the aging of the female reproductive system will have to be overhauled, although at this time this is simply conjecture.

The risk rose to about 20 percent at age 35 to 39, and more than 50 percent by age 42".

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According to the March of Dimes, "At age 25, your risk of having a baby with Down syndrome is 1 in 1, At age 30, your risk is 1 in At age 35, your risk is 1 in At age 40, your risk is 1 in At age 45, your risk is 1 in Paternal age effect and Male infertility Some research suggest that increased male age is associated with a decline in semen volume, sperm motilityand sperm morphology.The two-day event brings together more than participants, such as the representatives of EU and national institutions, healthcare providers and medical professionals, and patients' representatives to discuss the results so far and the challenges ahead.

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PayPal enables users, whether or not they are PayPal members, to use all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Back to Top. Indirectly Standardized Rates Once the SMR is known, it is a small step to calculate the indirectly age-standardized rate: one simply multiplies the crude rate of the standard population by the SMR (Curtin & Klein).In our example, the crude all-cause death rate in New Mexico was deaths per , population, and the crude rate in De Baca County was 1, Cookies.

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