Conflict can have a positive outcome

Why Conflict is Actually Good for the Workplace 7 years ago 1 Comment For many, conflict immediately invokes thoughts of battle, shouting matches, or even negative relationships. What matters is how one manages conflict with others.

Conflict can have a positive outcome

How to Resolve Conflict — Developing Positive Outcomes August 17, Blog Being in conflict can be a real pain in the neck; to deal with someone else who has different views from yourself can be daunting if dealt with narrow-mindedly.

Positive and Negative Conflict

It can happen anywhere where we find ourselves interacting with other people — may it be the workplace, in school, at home and in other places. It can even be an internal conflict starting within oneself.

Hence, it is a natural occurrence that is inevitable; it is a part of our experience demonstrating that we all have our respective ideas. By handling conflicts responsibly, we get to learn more ourselves and the people concerned.

Conflict can have a positive outcome

It might be cumbersome to ones who are stubborn in their points of view; but there are ways on how to resolve conflict efficiently. At the end of the day, it can help you understand the problem and get to think of creative ways to find a solution.

There are several kinds of conflict management styles discussed in this separate article. Examining these styles may come in handy if you find yourself in conflict with someone else. Deciding which would be the most appropriate strategy to use can mean the difference between resolving the conflict or making matters even worse.

Aside from the styles mentioned, several skills and a proper mindset can help you in responsibly handling the situation. One approach would be by stepping in and act as a mediator.

Conflict can have a positive outcome

Mediation involves a neutral third-party coming into the scene; assisting the arguing parties to put an end to their conflict. The mediator will help the conflicting parties in thinking of ways to assure that both of their interests will be met when arriving at a resolution.


The styles used in this approach will be dependent on what the situation demands. It is important if you want to clear out present issues by fostering an environment of openness among people. The ability to listen while also sharing your views would help in resolving conflict.

In resolving conflict, coming up with a resolution that would make all the parties involved happy is important. More practice or exposure to such situations can help you develop better conflict handling skills.

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Conflict Research Consortium, University of Colorado. Retrieved August 17, In this document we will explore definitions and views of conflict and conflict resolution.

We An individual’s position or outcome in a conflict is usually his or her initial best effort to find a Conflict can have . Nov 27,  · The effects of positive versus negative impact reflection on change in job performance and work-life conflict designed to put employees in touch with the beneficiaries of their work, have a positive effect on job performance (Grant but no effect on work-life conflict.

Positive impact reflection had a weak positive effect on.

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If managed well, conflict itself is a positive outcome of intercultural conflict. Here’s what I mean. Most intercultural conflict exists unseen and boils over only after it is too late - ongoing misunderstanding, misinterpretations, differences in problem solving, etc lead to intense conflict.

However, conflict can have both positive and negative outcomes. On the positive side, conflict can result in greater creativity or better decisions. For example, as a result of a disagreement over a policy, a manager may learn from an employee that newer technologies help solve problems in . Conflict responses are both filled with ideas and feelings that can be very strong and powerful guides to our sense of possible solutions.

As in any problem, conflicts contain substantive, procedural, and psychological dimensions to be negotiated. Ironically, conflict is a natural part of cooperation as teams will always have to manage conflict to get the best results. Without conflict, you have groupthink, you discourage innovation, and you discourage learning, none of which are ideal for a productive work environment.

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