Charter school business plan draft

A charter school may be formed by creating a new school or converting an existing public school to charter status.

Charter school business plan draft

President Rodrigo Duterte receives the copy of the proposed Federal Constitution of the Philippines from former chief justice and Consultative Committee chairman Reynato Puno. The complete copy, found below in downloadable form, incorporates the changes President Rodrigo Duterte asked for during his meeting with the member committee on July 9.

The major changes are the transitory provisions in Article 22 which now includes a section that explicitly prohibits the incumbent president, Duterte, from running in the May elections, the first regular elections under the new constitution if it is ratified.

It also calls for the election of a Transition President and Vice President, another change in the draft constitution that Duterte wanted. Below the downloadable copy of the document, Rappler listed highlights to aid readers.

charter school business plan draft

Here is the final draft constitution: Article I - National Territory Has two sections, declares sovereign rights over Philippine Rise and sovereignty over territories belonging to the Philippines "by historic right or legal title," thus covering Sabah.

It also mentions international law and decisions by international tribunalsthus firming up the country's stance on the West Philippine Sea South China Sea. Article II - Declaration of Principles and State Policies The Philippines pursues a policy of "freedom from weapons of mass destruction," not just from nuclear weapons as provided in the Constitution.

There is no longer any mention that the Federal Republic "guarantees full respect for human rights," as in Section 11 of the current Constitution.

The section that most corresponds to Section 11 states that the Federal Republic "values the dignity of every person and guarantees full respect for the person and the right of all citizens to participate in all government processes. New phrase that says the Federal Republic "shall promote the autonomy of local government units in accord with federalism.

Unreasonable surveillance, not just unreasonable searches, will only be allowed if authorities obtain both a search warrant and surveillance warrant. Individuals can demand that government agencies delete illegally obtained information related to them.

A new section on Social and Economic Rights states that every person has a right to adequate food; universal and comprehensive healthcare; complete, quality education; adequate and decent housing; and livelihood and employment opportunity.

A new section on Environmental and Ecological Rights states that every person has the right to a healthful environment, clean air, clean water, clean soil, and clean surroundings; to seek compensation for damage to the environment; and to seek "immediate relief" from courts through the writ of kalikasan and other protective writs.

Article IV - Citizenship No changes Article V - Suffrage and Political Rights The Federal Republic is responsible for "strengthening of political parties as mechanisms of citizen representation and democratic governance.

States that political parties must ensure the democratic process of making decisions and selecting candidates for public office. There should be equal representation of women candidates in every election "as far as practicable. Article VI - People's Initiative, Plebiscite, and Referendum This entirely new article allows citizens to file a petition to amend the Constitution or enact, amend, or reject a federal law with the Federal Commission on Elections.

Regions elect two senators each. Members of the House of Representatives will number Senators and representatives are required to hold a college degree or its equivalent.

Senators and representatives are to serve a term of 4 years with one reelection. The president must appoint the vice president to a Cabinet position. Both serve a term of 4 years with one reelection. Both must hold a college degree or its equivalent.

The section on Senate concurrence on treaties and international agreements is still not clear on whether Senate concurrence is also necessary for pulling out of such agreements. Justices of these courts are to serve a term of 12 years or until the age of 70, whichever comes first.

The President, another court, and Congress' Commission on Appointments get to appoint an equal number of members to each court. The CHR is elevated to a constitutional commission with the responsibility to investigate human rights violations both by state and non-state actors.

Definition of a human rights violation as "any violation of the rights guaranteed by this Constitution and by international human rights covenants and treaties to which the Philippines is a party, perpetrated by the State or non-state actors.

The Federal Competition Commission is to probe and decide on cases of violation of competition laws and review proposed mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and other business combinations that could lessen competition.

Article XI - Federated Regions and the Federated Regions of Bangsamoro and the Cordilleras There will be 18 federated regions — 16 federated regions including the new Negrosanon region and the federated regions of Bangsamoro and Cordillera.

Except for the last two, each region will have a Regional Assembly, half representing each province, highly urbanized city, and independent chartered city; and half representing political parties through proportional representation.Portland Public Schools, Portland Oregon.

Portland Public Schools launched an initiative aimed at providing a full spectrum of care for students who are experiencing addiction and mental health issues. On behalf of the Los Angeles Unified School District's Charter Schools Division, welcome to our website!

We hope it serves as a center of helpful and reliable information about our diverse portfolio of charter schools and the work our office does to ensure every child . Welcome to the School of Excellence in Education The School of Excellence in Education is a publicly funded charter school district dedicated to bridging the critical gaps in education by creating a smooth transition for students as they navigate through their academic career.

DOCUMENT: Final version of Consultative Committee draft constitution

During the school year, the United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs performed a series of onsite monitoring visits to review Texas’ compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

The final report was . During the school year, the United States Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs performed a series of onsite monitoring visits to review Texas’ compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The final report was . The final draft incorporates changes President Rodrigo Duterte asked for: that he be prohibited from running for president in the elections, and the election of a Transition President.

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