Analysis on malaysia airlines brand equity

Rapid rise of educationalacquisition which leads to high investments. The SWOT Analysis for a coffee shop is identifying the good and badsides of selling a particular type of coffee. SWOT analysis is a way of identifying key issues within a company. The SWOT analysis of Betfair probably includes how they can attractmore customers and stay profitable.

Analysis on malaysia airlines brand equity

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Messenger Malaysia Airlines was hit with two extraordinary crises this year that have rocked the confidence of customers and left the company struggling to manage the damage. Lone passengers are posting pictures of otherwise empty planes on social media, cabin crew are leaving and commentators are questioning its ability to survive intact.

It is a challenge, certainly, but not an impossible one. The disasters which befell the airline were extraordinary, shocking events.

First, the disappearance of flight MH in March with people on board, then the shooting down of MH17 over Ukraine in July with lives lost. Both were mysterious and tragic accidents, from a company with a previously unblemished safety record.

And crucially, both incidents brought the airline a mass of criticism over how it responded. The financial impact has been clear. To be fair, the airline was already experiencing financial problems with losses of MYR1.

Rebuilding response It is all a powerful reminder that how a company handles a crisis can determine whether or not the company survives. Union Carbide never overcame the loss of shareholder trust and the cost of damages imposed on it after the Bhopal disaster in It was eventually bought out by Dow Chemical.

The wreckage of MH17 in which Dutch citizens were killed. It must develop a flexible crisis response capability; respond to the emotional needs of its public, not just their informational needs; and conduct a post-mortem on how they can handle crises better in future.


The company also needs to rebuild the relationship with its global passenger base in order to refill its planes, particularly the Chinese and the Dutch. This requires a careful nurturing of trust first in its domestic market, then in its international markets. As far as practical measures go, as a state-owned airline, all government business air transport should, from now on, be mandated through Malaysia Airlines, as should that for all employees working on Malaysian government contracts.

The airline should then offer favourable rates for volume procurement contracts to other governments. It should also reward its loyalty card holders and frequent flyers with more favourable rates, but for a fixed time period only. Finally, a special promotional fixed period offer should be made to other volume buyers, including physical and online travel agents, which is more attractive than that of similar competition such as Emirates, Singapore and Cathay Pacific.

Analysis on malaysia airlines brand equity

The airline should immediately give up all loss-making airport slots and sell off any old planes. However, while tackling supply by lowering costs will help, stoking demand is fundamental in the current climate.

This is not a simple process, given that people now associate Malaysia Airlines with danger and tragedy. Trust up To survive this crisis they need to reposition the brand.

Analysis on malaysia airlines brand equity

They should take advantage of the fact that they are wholly owned by the government, as this should instill a sense of trust with the public in Malaysia at least.A flag carrier (if it is a certificated airline rather than a holding company, conglomerate, or multinational private equity firm) may also be known as a national airline or a national carrier, although this can have different legal meanings in some countries.

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Asian Brand Strategy (Revised and Updated): Building and Sustaining Strong Global Brands in Asia [Martin Roll] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A thoroughly updated second. Malaysia’s transport minister says the maintenance records of Malaysia Airlines prove conclusively that the wing part found last week on an Indian Ocean island belonged to the missing Flight Nov 06,  · Full List: The World's Most Valuable Brands.

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