An analysis of the prevalence and degree of spirituality in women who had diagnostic breast procedur

First and foremost, Id like to thank my dissertation chair and mentor, Dr. Pereira for sharing her expert knowledge of the field of PsychoOncology and allowing me the freedom to co nduct this project within her research lab. I am thankful for the confidence that Dr.

An analysis of the prevalence and degree of spirituality in women who had diagnostic breast procedur

Kare n Kay Perrin, Ph. March 3, Key Words: They also taught me to accept challenges, be honest, and do my best. Thank you for helping to make me who I am today. PAGE 3 vi Acknowledgements I would like to acknowledge and thank t hose who helped me to successfully complete this learning process: Karen Kay Perrin, for your mentorsh ip as my major professor during this long doctoral training process.

I also appreciate your guida nce through the bureaucracy, dodging the politics, and seeking out financia l assistance. Without your encouragement, guidance and friendship over the years, this achievement would not have been possible. Stanley Graven, for sharing you r passion for promoting the healthy development of young children, your demand for excellence, and your soft spoken commendations.

An analysis of the prevalence and degree of spirituality in women who had diagnostic breast procedur

Thank you for pushing me to expa nd my field of vision in the realm of maternal and child health. Jeffery Kromrey, for your ability to ma ke complex statistical concepts seem easy.

You also have more patience that anyone else I know. These are special gifts that I thank you for sharing with me over the years. Charles Mahan, for shar ing your unique sense of hu mor, your wide base of knowledge, and your enthusiasm.

I have learne d something new from every contact with you and hope to carry that enthusiasm forward. Lisa Simpson, for providing me encouragement and guidance.

From the moment we met, you reached out to help in any way you could including helping to PAGE 4 vii expand my limited knowledge of health policy, rearranging your sche dule for my needs, and providing me office space.

Mario Hernandez, for your endless s upport during this dissertation process. Your flexibility as an employer and mentor ha s been endless.

An analysis of the prevalence and degree of spirituality in women who had diagnostic breast procedur

When I asked for anything work, time off from work, advice, or co-a uthorship opportunities you gave it to me without hesitation. Thank you for being you. Thank you for flexible employment opportunities, moral support, in corporation of my dissertation in your ACHA contract so that I could recruit for my study, and for waiving fees for data analysis regarding my dissertation.

My family, for always being there when I need them, and for not being there during those times when I needed to be left alone to write.

You ar e an inspiration and I will do my best to make you proud. Finally, my best friend and husband, Alan Shellhorn, for always being there to encourage and support me through this challe nging time in my life. Without you by my side, this dissertation woul d not have been possible.

Interaction Styl e and Experiences of Care Interaction Style, Expe riences of Care, and Utilization Data Reduction and Transformation Interac tion Style and Reporte d Experiences of Care Synthesis of the Research Medical Record Abstraction Questions Recruitment of Study Sample Pediatric Health Care IssuesOlder women who survive breast cancer may differ significantly in their long-term well-being.

Using a risk and protective factors model, we studied predictors of well-being in women age 70 and. Analysis of the exploratory aims also provides preliminary evidence within a small sample that participation in Photovoice procedures is associated with improvements in mood and quality of life in spouse/partner caregivers regardless of group format and improvements in mood in women participating in patient-only groups.

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See other formats. degree. It is suggested that audiotaped training in self-hypnosis represent a valid non-pharmacological method for anxiety reduction. Diagnostic implications of.

An analysis of the various treatments proposed highlights the value of hypnosis as the ideal way to eliminate the psychological factors causing the onset of bruxism and to provide. INTRODUCTION.

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Approximately , American women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, and 39, women die from this disease [].Global cancer statistics show that breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer death among females, accounting for 23 percent of total cancer cases and 14 .

optimism, and spirituality on Bahamian women (n=) diagnosed with breast cancer. Also, it examined how optimism mediates the relationship between spirituality and dysfunctional career thoughts.

Maternal interaction style, reported experiences of care, and pediatric health care utilization