Academic writing an introduction ebooking

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Academic writing an introduction ebooking

In examinations it is always likely that relevant and measured expressions and evaluations of such values and attitudes will be creditworthy and on occasions may be explicitly required by examination questions and tasks.

The subject content follows an issues and impacts approach throughout. It has a developmental structure designed to facilitate progression through the course and beyond to link with the demands of higher level study.

Concepts covered in AS may be further developed but not repeated at A2. Course Structure Unit Unit 1 Physical and Human Geography The study of core geographical concepts along with contrasting themes of contemporary or environmental impact, management and sustainability.

Candidates must study the core and then select one of the physical options and one of the human options. Rivers, floods and management Core human section: Population change Optional physical topics: Cold environments Coastal environments Hot desert environments and their margins Optional human topics: Food supply issues Energy issues Health issues Unit 2 A geographical skills paper based on the content of Unit 1.

Geographical Skills Skills include: Unit 3 An issues-based approach to contemporary geographical themes. Candidates must select three topics: Contemporary Geographical Issues 3 Summary of content Optional physical topics: Plate tectonics and associated hazards Weather and climate and associated hazards Ecosystems: World cities Development and globalisation Contemporary conflicts and challenges Unit 4A Geography Fieldwork Investigation Unit 4B Geographical Issue Evaluation This unit gives candidates the opportunity to extend an area of the subject content into a more detailed fieldwork study.

Candidates analyse and evaluate their fieldwork in response to the questions set. In addition, candidates will be assessed on fieldwork skills. This unit gives candidates the opportunity to use their skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation. The compulsory rivers, floods and management unit relates to environments familiar with most, if not all, candidates and engages them in the study of the central role of water in landscape development and its management for human welfare purposes.

The other three contrasting physical environments each present opportunities for studying distinctive sets of processes raising common themes of environmental impact, management, sustainability and citizenship. Unit 2 Geographical Skills is specified and examined in such a way as to engage candidates with a range of basic and more sophisticated geographical skills appropriate to the AS specification content.

A Level A2 Geography adopts an issues approach consistent with modern conceptions of the subject, its validity and utility.

academic writing an introduction ebooking

Concepts, themes and skills covered in AS are extended and developed in A2 in different settings with an opportunity and expectation of higher levels of cognitive and empathetic engagement. Each human option similarly engages candidates with important contemporary themes at a range of scales and should resonate with either their direct or media experience.

academic writing an introduction ebooking

Unit 4B Geographical Issue Evaluation casts candidates as active researchers and evaluators of information using geographical knowledge and understanding and skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation to form measured views on complex issues which may be of considerable significance locally, regionally or globally.We will notify centres in writing of any changes to this specification.

We will also publish changes on our website.

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