Aberrations an essay on the legend of forms

The word "socialism" often implies two quite different phenomena: A doctrine and an appeal based on it, a program for changing life, and A social structure that exists in time and space.

Aberrations an essay on the legend of forms

The Secret Doctrine, Book 2, p. A German translation of C. In the fifth lecture of the above it speaks of: The man of India sees these Devas all around. He sees them as creating powers when he penetrates the veil of outward appearance.

This intuition is fundamental to the outlook on life of the peoples of the Southern Zone!

Aberrations an essay on the legend of forms

The other intuition was the basis upon which the ancient Persian mysticism was founded, and this led to the veneration of beings who were also only twofold in their nature: They, too, possessed what we call soul, but the soul organ was enclosed within a physical body developed in sublime and titanic fashion.

The Indian view of the world, which clung to the Deva worship, looked upon the Asuras as something inferior; whereas those who inclined to the viewpoint of the Northern peoples adhered to the Asuras, to physical nature. Thus there developed in the Northern Zone more especially the impulse towards controlling the things of the sense world in a material way, towards an ordering of the world of realities by means of the highest technical advancement, through physical arts and so on.

Nowadays there is nobody who still persists in Asura worship, but there are many among us who still have something of this within them. Thence comes the tendency towards the materialistic side of life and that is the basic tendency of the Northern peoples.

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Note 11 Whoever acknowledges purely materialistic principles can be sure that he has something of the Asuras in his nature. Among the Asura adherents there then developed a strange undertone of feeling. It first made its appearance in the spiritual life of Persia.

The Persians developed a kind of fear of the Deva nature. They experienced fear, apprehension and dread in face of what was of a purely soul-spirit nature.

That was the reason for the great contrast which we now observe between the Persian and the Indian attitude. Berlin, 23 May Those who still remained of the Abel line were Sons of God, they remained akin to the divine.

Aberrations: An Essay on the Legend of Forms by Jurgis Baltrušaitis

But they now had to guard themselves against entering the earthly sphere. And from this resulted what was to become the principle of asceticism among those who dedicated their lives to the service of God.

It became a sin for such a dedicated one to have anything to do with those who had committed themselves to the affairs of earth.

From this union resulted a race of men which is hardly even mentioned in the published books of the Old Testament, but is only hinted at; it is a race that is not perceptible to physical eyes. It consists of demonic beings who really did exist at one time and who acted seductively upon the human race and caused its downfall.

This flirtation of the Sons of God with the daughters of men produced a race which worked particularly seductively upon the Turanians, the members of the fourth sub-race of the Atlanteans, and led to the destruction of humanity.

Some things were preserved and carried over into the new world. The Deluge is the flood which destroyed Atlantis. Men who were seduced by the Rakshasas disappeared by degrees.

Again there is the transition between Suras and Asuras, but here this is mentioned in connection with Atlantean development on the one hand and in relation to a luciferic element working in the early centuries of Christianity. This is followed by descriptions of evolution in terms of the development of adversarial beings.

Aberrations an essay on the legend of forms

To understand the position of the principle of spiritual evolution we have to consider a significant development in the Atlantean race. Spirits that had initially been [full of wisdom] now became rebels, agitators wanting to gain their independence.

Until then they had been latent on Earth. They are the powers which now, at the present time, represent the intellectual and mental side of humanity. This aspect of Lucifer is also the one which represented Christianity in the early centuries. Two documents relating to this exist-one in the Vatican, and a copy of it in the possession of the most initiated Christian in the West, the Count of St Germain.

This Lucifer-nature had also represented Christianity in the early centuries. Then Lucifer had gradually changed into a kind of adversary in the Christian tradition. Evolution thus means that the different streams in the universe do not develop at the same rate.Paganism, in the broadest sense includes all religions other than the true one revealed by God, and, in a narrower sense, all except Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

Jul 19,  · It purges the sculptural form of individual naturalistic detail, but it holds fast to the principle of individuation, the basic quality that makes every living entity unmistakably unique. This is from the essay 'Brancusi: The Reality of Sculpture' by Friedrich Teja Bach in Constantin Brancusi (): Constantin Brancusi's work is .

Asuras, asuric beings (Ger: ‘Asuras’, ‘asurisch’) The many sexual aberrations today are to be ascribed to this strong influx. All forces of hindrances try to hold onto currently existing things that are still imperfect, carry them out and intensify them.

English edition: The Temple Legend. Ioan C. Filitti Jump to navigation Jump to search. Ioan Constantin Filitti concluded that Negru Vodă was in fact the stuff of legend, concocted by the 17th-century Wallachian Lord Matei Basarab.

The next year Filitti borrowed the essential sociological concept of "forms without content", criticizing all modernization which did not take.

Classical analysis of facial types and expressions, Jurgis Baltrusaitis, Aberrations, An Essay on the Legend of Forms,MIT Press Cambridge, Mass., see “Animal Pysiognomy”; Charles Darwin, The Expressions of the Emotions.

Critical and other contrasts between the New Testament church and the church of Rome. Catholic apologists deceive souls by asserting that their church is uniquely the .

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