A character from a book movie

She is just the funny old lady in the world, she doesn't gives a crap what she's says to anyone she speaks her mind. Madea believes in hitting your kids and not letting yourself. One word to describe her is old school. A lot of people go to her if they need help with someone or any problem you got because she knows how to handle it.

A character from a book movie

Completed 0 of 10 questions. Any extreme sports, really. A stroll through the woods, finished by a tasty home-cooked meal. A day at the movie to see a good mystery, but NOTHING scary, followed up by a trip to the local candy shop or bakery for a sweet treat!!!

Reading at the library, and then volunteering for Sugary candy, cookies, cakes, anything treat-ish. Something timid and feeble, maybe like Green, because it is outgoing, but still calm, and because it matches my braces!!!

A total eye popping, stand-out, radical red is perfect for me!!! Easy peasy, people tough and brave to protect me from bullies.

Smart people, who I can compare math quizzes with! People who can keep up with me!!!!!!!!! I live in the fast lane!!!!!!!! Slobs, to make me not look as bad Ooooh, my pet bunnies and birds and cats and dogs and lizards and mice and other little creatures and pets are enough friends for me!!!

Definitely something bright and cheerful like The study of phobias. Oooh, wow, what about the study of animals? Oooh, oooh, and the study of hApPiNeSs! Well, something like the study of mythical creatures.

IDK why but, I just am. I once read in a book that dolphins are one of the smartest creatures on the face of the Earth.

Now I want one!!! Maybe a cute little puppy would do just fine. Yeeaaaah, a puppy I could spoil rotten with treats for bravery. I love them ALL!!!!!!!!!!

A pig would be good.They eat sandwiches, mention other movies and read a whole load of books. In case you're interested in reading the same book as your favourite fictional character, we've assembled a list of the 30 most memorable movie/book match-ups.

For example if you read a great book and when you watch the movie you see every scene that you read in the book, the movie won’t be so good. There are many examples in which we see a movie or play that is based on a book but in order for it to be a great movie it had to modify scenes and even omit some.

This girl right here. This is Veronica Mars portrayed brilliantly by Kristen Bell. She's a teenage PI on the show Veronica Mars. She's clever,resourceful,loyal and prickly. Life has dealt her some heavy blows,but she still fights on for truth and.

A character from a book movie

a nice written character doesn’t have to be relatable to be likeable. They need to be interesting. I can think of multiple characters that are interesting while having next to no relatable qualities.

Harry Potter Characters: Original Book version Vs. Movie version - Small Joys

Use this reader's response activity to analyze the characters in any book. Print and collect your scrapbook pages. What's your favorite book? What would be your dream job? How would you. Take this quiz! What would describe your perfect day?

What is your favorite food? What is your favorite color? Who would you rather hang out with? What's your favorite song?

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