10 sociological concepts from the movie a time to kill

The perspective of the main character and narrator Scout Finch, constitutes a tabula rossa, since she is a young girl whose part in the novel consists of a coming-of-age story. The subject of wealth-related class distinctions emerges in the novel with the arrival of Miss Caroline, a schoolteacher from Winston County. When the peculiar treatment of poor students in Maycomb classrooms introduces Caroline to the towns rigid caste system, Scout begins to question her father about poverty:

10 sociological concepts from the movie a time to kill

This film shows serious problems among peoples who were created according to the image of God. Above all, the problem of racism plays a catalytic role. This film reminds us of the insoluble puzzle of the human society. It also reveals the limits of humanity and the contradictions of human thoughts and society.

The evil in the society was represented in the whole flow of the film.

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It brings to mind important aspects of the human situation. First, we provide a synopsis of the film and examine some theological themes, which arises from our viewing. Introduction to the movie In a small southern town in Mississippi in the s, Tonya, a year-old black girl, was raped by two white rednecks on sunny day.

They assaulted the young weak girl viciously.

10 sociological concepts from the movie a time to kill

A weak black girl was raped just because she was black. For white men, a black girl is not a person but only a material object like a toy.

They had no guilt about their brutality. Tonya had barely lived from assault and was moved to her home. Her family and the neighbors were surprised at the attack and they became anger.

Her father, Carl Lee Hailey decided to kill the white racists and did so. His family suffered from emotional, physical and economic stress. However, they seemed to recognize his murder as the duty of the father of an assaulted daughter. Carl Lee Hailey, a Mississippi factory worker, entrusted his defense to Jake Brigance, an eager young white lawyer.

At first, Jake hesitated to defend Carl Lee. The failure of the trial would be so natural to those who live in Mississippi that a young ambitious lawyer would not want to undertake such a trial. Jake decided to help Carl when he saw his daughter. He decided to confront the evil of the society.

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His own life and the safety of his family and colleagues became increasingly jeopardized. Racists attacked his family and house and his close associates. During the trial, another conflict emerged. This conflict happened between whites that are privileged such as District Attorney Rufus Buckley, and challenger, Jake Brigance, in the society.

Jake finally overcame these difficulties and suffering. He brought justice to an unjust society. He played the important role throughout the film, like a prophet or Jesus who challenged the existing society. His summation moved the jury and freed Carl Lee Hailey.A Time to Kill (Joel Schumacher, )Racism/ Racial Intolerance/ Racial Inequality (Bigotry), Justice and the Law, Perspective (Being in someone else’s shoes).

A Time to Kill A Time to Kill is a Hollywood crime thriller movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and Matthew McConaughey. This essay critically analyses the movie in terms of the criminology theories explained in chapters 5,6,7 and 8 of the book Criminology.

A time to Kill movie summary The movie begins in a small town called Canton, (Mississippi) where it is very obvious there is a separation between blacks and whites. Tonya Hailey is a little ten-year-old black girl, who is on her way home from the grocery store. A truck pulls up with two white men, James Louis “Pete” Willard and Billy Ray.

Free Essay: Empathy and Social Change in To Kill a Mockingbird, Milk, and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Empathy: “The action of understanding, being aware of.

Basic Concepts & Terms of Sociology. The basic premise of sociology is that human behavior is largely shaped by the groups to which people belong and .

Feb 12,  · In Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the author presents the town of Maycomb, Alabama as a vast sociological diagram that depicts both the extreme and moderate classifications of wealth, gender, and race in the South during the s.

As a way of determining how Southerners viewed these various social conditions during this era, Lee also filters the reader’s perception of each .

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